Alumni Profile: Ashley Toh

“You need to work hard and take the initiative to learn; then trust that you are well equipped with the skills and knowledge to make a difference.”

Having graduated from the Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics in 2014, Ashley Toh has found herself in an exciting position at the nexus of healthcare and technology. Today, Ashley works at Holmusk, a digital health company based in Singapore, where she coaches diabetic and overweight clients through a mobile app.

“As I coach my clients on a daily basis, I build great rapport with them and I am also able to monitor their progress more closely than in a typical outpatient setting. I achieve a great sense of satisfaction seeing their progress and I like being able to be ‘there’ and providing them with the support they need to keep going.”

Her studies at Monash University, combined with her immense passion for food (from eating, cooking, modifying recipes, to studying food and its impacts on health as well as talking about food), allowed Ashley to explore the breadth and depth of the world of nutrition, providing a strong theoretical and practical foundation.

“I truly appreciate the exposure to a wide range of dietetic opportunities during our course of study. The placements and projects we completed at Monash were helpful not only to provide insight to the various areas of dietetic work but also an advantage whilst starting my first job as a dietitian. I would say that Monash has provided me with an all rounded skill set to set foot in the industry.”

Ashley finds being a dietitian and being able to help others to improve their health to be incredibly rewarding. To those who want to pursue a career in the field, Ashley says that perseverance and confidence is key, but it is also important to not be afraid to make mistakes as she has learnt the most from her mistakes.


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