Alumni Profile: Shistata Shrestha

My advice would be to not to be afraid if things aren’t going according to your ‘career plan’. Be open-minded and take every opportunity, you may pleasantly surprise yourself.” 

Shistata Shrestha graduated from the Bachelor of Nutrition Science in 2016 and hasn’t slowed down, not one bit. In 2017 she started her research career, enrolling in an Honours by research year.

“I was offered my Honours project by Hawkins Watts, a food ingredient company, where I undertook placement in third year. I had never expected to be provided such an opportunity, and despite my initial fear, I decided to do it.” Shistata is assessing the plausibility of using fruit and vegetable extracts to improve the food supply and ultimately increase health on a large public health scale. 

“As an Intern in the food industry, I love seeing the processes involved in product development. I have definitely found a new appreciation for food products now!”.

Combining her internship with Hawkins Watts Australia and her Honours year with her supervisors, Shistata “develop(s) new perspectives and think(s) more innovatively.”

Studying Nutrition Science at Monash University exposed Shistata to various nutrition related careers from the beginning of the course, such as public health, research, clinical, and the food industry. She notes that it widened her outlook and encouraged her to broaden her own career journey.

“I started my degree with a sole passion for clinical dietetics. As my studies went on, I delved into new aspects of nutrition, including partaking in an industry placement as well as research.  This allowed me to see what else I enjoy and was capable of, leading to my current Honours degree.” 


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